Is arthritis pain keeping you out of the kitchen? Common joint conditions like osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can make it difficult to open jars, chop vegetables, or even grip a fork and knife.
These 10 kitchen tools are specifically designed to make your culinary activities easier—and at $25 or less, they won’t break the bank.

EZ Off Jar Opener


This inexpensive device makes opening jars a breeze. It mounts discreetly under your cabinet instead of cluttering up your counter. And unlike its electronic counterparts, it works even when the power goes out. As one Amazon reviewer with RA said, “I’ve opened plastic jars, glass jars with metal lids, etc. [with this device.] No problems.”

Ergonomic Reacher with Rotating Claw


Need to get something in the back of your cupboard? No problem. This reacher’s jaw rotates horizontally and vertically to help you grab exactly what you need. The ergonomically designed trigger and handle are easy to squeeze. Bonus: A magnet is attached to the end for picking up light magnetic objects.

Granny Jo Dignity Mug


Drink your coffee or tea without spilling a drop. This 8 oz. mug has two extra-large handles for double gripping. The unique curved rim helps prevent drips, so that you can sip with confidence. “They don’t call them Dignity Mugs for no reason,” one reviewer wrote.

Simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder


This smartly designed paper towel holder lets you easily tear the number of sheets you want—using one hand only. Its heavy base and tension arm provide stability, and changing the roll is as simple as sliding it over the top (no need to unscrew anything). Bonus: It can hold extra-large paper towel rolls.

Ableware Universal Built-Up Handle


Arthritis can make it difficult to use narrow-handle utensils. These dishwasher-safe hand grips make it easy. They fit over flatware, pens, pencils, and toothbrushes. Take them with you when you go out to dinner, and you’ll never be without a comfortable grip again.

Verti-Grip Professional Knife


Slice your favorite foods—from vegetables to steak—with relative ease. Most one-handed knives require a rocking motion to slice and cut, but the Verti-Grip Professional Knife needs mostly downward pressure with minimal rocking. The long handle keeps your hands and fingers away from the blade, and the snap-off sheath makes it easy to take with you.

Nice Production INP-101-O Book Stand


This attractive, portable bookstand provides a convenient way to display your recipes, whether they’re in a large hardcover cookbook or on your iPad mini. The rubber handles hold your pages in place, and the adjustable back means you’ll never have to strain your neck by looking down at the counter.

KitchInventions Vertical Attachment for Pan Handle- Adds Leverage and Support


The Pan Buddy creates a vertical handle which adds leverage and support by keeping your wrist in a natural position.
REDUCES HEAT- The handle is separated from the main handle of the pan which reduces any potential transfer of heat. Traditionally you would have to use an oven mitt or handle cover to use cast iron cookware but not anymore with the Pan Buddy!
COMFORT- Great for anyone with a condition such as Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel that makes lifting things difficult.

OXO Good Grips 1-Cup Angled Measuring Cup


It’s a measuring cup like no other. The clever design allows you to read measurements from above—no need to bend down and look at the numbers. The rubber grip handle is comfortable and sturdy. As one reviewer raves, “This is the greatest measuring cup on the market.”

Square Plant Caddy


This heavy-duty garden device is also a must-have kitchen tool. Use it to transfer pots to the stove after filling them up with water or to move heavy plates across your counter.


Listening to music can help take the edge off your pain (it’s scientifically proven!). So the next time you’re in the kitchen, put on a CD, tune into a local radio station, or use an app like Pandora or Spotify and fill the room with your favorite tunes.

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