Leg Numbness

Where does it hurt?

Leg Numbness

 Leg pain, numbness, and or tingling can be a sign of several different conditions. In some cases leg pain can be a slight annoyance that comes and goes such as soreness from exercise or maybe sitting in a way that is uncomfortable for the leg. In other cases, leg pain may be a very serious condition with severe pain that prevents you from preforming daily activities, walking, or even making it troublesome to sleep.

Unless caused by specific injury many leg pains are caused from problems with the lower back. These problems stem from one specific nerve, the sciatic nerve that can become compressed or “pinched” from various problems with the spine and herniated discs.

Once properly diagnosed our pain management doctors at Premier Pain Management will decide the best treatment not only for your condition but also for your specific pain needs. Below are some of the treatments offered for leg pain:

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Leg pain can come in many different forms and each symptom can be an indication of the underlining cause. It is important to know the symptoms and understand what is affecting the leg so that proper treatment can be administered.

Leg Pain Symptoms:
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Weakness or heaviness (foot drop)
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Swelling
  • Burning sensation


  • Lower Back Problems – A variety of problems can arise from poor posture, back injury, degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis. These conditions can affect the back and lead to problems in the legs.
  • Herniated Discs – Small gel like disc in the back that helps to support the spinal column. These discs can weaken and protrude outward causing nerve pain, which can affect the legs.
  • Sciatica – Nerve pain due to the compression of the sciatic nerve. When the sciatic nerve is compressed it can cause immense pain in the lower back, rear, and down into the legs. The pain can make it difficult to walk or lay down properly.
  • Arthritis – Inflammation and pain of the joints, this can cause pain in the leg joints where the bones meet together making it painful to move the joints.

Premier Pain Management understands how to stop pain. We will properly diagnose your particular condition and discover the root cause of your leg pain. Once we identify the cause we can chart the best course of action, as far as, which treatment is best for your individual pain management needs.

Don’t go through another day with leg pain. Contact Premier Pain Management today and get the pain relief you need to live an enjoyable life.

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