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Elbow pain starts off as a mere hindrance and soon begins to negatively affect your daily activities. The constant joint pain can prevent you from doing necessary tasks and what you love, impacting both your work and personal life.

Despite the fact that elbow pain isn’t a sign of a serious condition, clinics will often want to perform invasive and extremely expensive procedures that aren’t necessary. Premier Pain Management is committed to stopping joint pain, including elbow pain, with minimally-invasive and opioid-free treatments that reduce pain, strengthen muscles, and increase mobility.

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The most common causes of elbow pain are:
  • Elbow pain usually results from overuse and repetitive motions during work, sports, or hobbies. While living an active lifestyle is healthy and encouraged, repetitive joint movements create problems. The most common causes of elbow pain are:
    • Tennis Elbow (when the elbow’s tendons are overworked)
    • Golfer’s Elbow (pain on the elbow’s inner side)
    • Osteoarthritis (inflammation of the elbow joint)
    • Tendonitis (inflammation of the elbow’s tendons)
    • Trapped Nerves


At Premier Pain Management, our experts will work to diagnose your elbow pain accurately and treat it at its source. We’ll develop a treatment plan personalized for you. Contact one of our Premier Pain Management for a free consultation and start managing your elbow pain today.

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