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Why Pain Stop Clinics for auto accident lawyers :

Pain Stop Accident Injury (PSAI) offers live 24/7 hotline phone services for auto accident victims. We are here for all attorney/patient referrals. When injury attorneys call PSAI, we contact the patient immediately and offer same day treatment services for their personal injury clients.

Injury attorneys throughout Phoenix, AZ and patients can have peace of mind knowing that PSAI will take care of all communication with the attorney’s office regarding all treatment records and billing. Patients can just focus on getting better, and their personal injury lawyer will have all information communicated in a timely manner without having to devote time and resources to requesting records. PSAI has an excellent reputation with several different injury attorneys’ offices in Phoenix, AZ for providing treatment schedules and records as well as billing invoices on a regular and consistent basis, without the accident attorneys having to spend any time or resources tracking down the information they need.


Accident Lawyers in Phoenix AZ

During the referral process the injury attorneys simply contact our office and provide the following information:

  1. General contact information for the patient
  2. Date of Accident
  3. Referring attorney contact information

PSAI will immediately contact the patient and offer same day treatment if needed. From the first assessment appointment, through the treatment process, PSAI will keep the auto accident attorney apprised of all pertinent information for litigation purposes.

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Pain Stop Clinics offers Knowledgeable

Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix AZ

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident, Pain Stop Accident Injury Services are here for you. Our medical staff and experienced chiropractors understand the process that must be followed when diagnosing your injuries and developing your treatment to protect your injury claim. Our accident rehab team will not only treat your injuries and relieve your pain, but we will ensure that your accident lawyer receives the detailed records regarding your care that are necessary for your injury claim.

Over 15 Years of

Experience Auto Injury Attorneys

PSAI and auto accident lawyers understand that the direct force withstood in a car accident may go undetected by emergency room doctors. In fact, you may not even notice your injuries immediately. However, symptoms of soft tissue injuries will eventually begin to develop and ignoring them can lead to serious conditions. It is better to not hesitate, but to contact an auto injury attorney, or personal injury attorney immediately following an accident so they can refer you to PSAI for immediate treatment for potential injuries. If you contact PSAI, we can provide referrals to some experienced auto accident injury lawyers in Phoenix, AZ.

Pain Stop’s medical staff and chiropractors will treat your injuries by first conducting a physical exam, with any necessary x-rays, and any other needed diagnostic testing from MRIs and CAT scans to ultrasounds to uncover any damage to your nerves and musculoskeletal system. From there treatment will be provided as needed and PSAI will work closely with your Phoenix auto injury lawyer.

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