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In light of America’s narcotic-dependence epidemic, Pain Stop Clinics is committed to providing effective and long-lasting pain management without the use of narcotics. Opioid overdose results in nearly 500,000 people in the emergency room each year. That’s why Pain Stop Clinics is dedicated to finding patients’ pain at the source and implementing non-narcotic and minimally-invasive pain management methods.

Pain Stop Clinics follows a responsible and comprehensive Pain Management model that is individualized specifically to our patients in order to provide the highest quality of medical care without the use of surgery and/or lifelong pharmacological intervention.

“Each and every one of our patients has access to their own personal team of Pain Management Professionals every time they step into our clinics.”

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Its been a pleasure being helped with shoulder and back pain with both medical, chiropractic, and massage/exercise guidance to help. The office staff is very friendly and it’s a great bonus this is only a few min away from where I live!

Nicole N.

Finally a place where they listen to you , help you and make a plan that addresses your needs, with compassion. The Staff is phenomenal!! They take care to the next level, and leave you with a sense of assurance that life pain free is possible with out the use of pain medications, or jumping through hoops that prolong real healing. Thank you for the hope Pain Stop!!


I spent most of my adolescence going to chiropractors for sports related injuries. 25 years later I’ve found one who can really help. Dr Fox is highly skilled and a master of his craft. He isn’t just some code talking doc but he explains what he is doing so that I can avoid the pitfalls that landed me in his office in the first place.

Brian W.

Responsible Pain Management

Same-day appointments available!

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