We get a lot of people asking us and commenting on our social media channels and via email that they have tried pain management clinics with no results. They are frustrated, understandably, and have asked how Premier Pain Management is different…. Well, Premier Pain Management is different because we use different types of care at each visit, not only Trigger Point Injections.  For example, if you have a knee injury, at Pain Stop you will see our medical practitioners for injections and make sure the knee is aligned correctly.  Most pain clinics only treat the soft tissue or only treat the structure or bones in the knee, but by treating the knee as a whole, our patients get better quicker and stay better longer!

These treatment protocols go for any type of pain condition. Our professional teams at each clinic location look at the cause of your condition and treat it from the root. If you have tried pain management before with no results, we don’t want you to lose hope.  Most pain clinics only give you medication and never truly heal what is causing your pain.  We at Premier Pain Management always look to the root cause of the problem and we don’t try to mask your pain with long term medications.

Responsible Pain Management

Same-day appointments available!

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